Tips And Tricks

tipsWisdom and Tips for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

A lot of people see a few TV shows about remodeling their bathrooms and decide it’s exactly what they want to do. They have never taken this type of project on before but are certain they can do it. After all, it went smoothly on the show.

There are a lot of newcomers who dive right in and make costly mistakes due to inexperience. Here are a few mistakes to avoid for those of you who are savvy enough to do your homework and have wound up here.

Never Use a ‘Jack of all Trades’ Kind of Contractor

People think because a contractor can do so many things they must be wise and well-rounded. The truth is, it’s best to have a contractor who specializes ONLY in what you want done. Bathroom remodeling has its own unique challenges and takes the right kind of contractor to get it right.

Most bathroom remodeling requires over 50 primary components. These all have to be matched up and properly installed. The backer boards, sub-floor, and additional ‘non-visible’ components, will need to be properly installed to avoid trouble down the road.

bathroom designMismatched Fixtures & Hardware

This may seem a bit picky but when you go to sell your home people will notice things like this right away. Make sure everything matches. A remodeling project is just as much about artistic value as proper installations.

Be sure all of your fixtures and finishes from the toilet, tub & shower, and your sink, all match up properly. If not, potential buyers will be turned off. You want to impress them with a lovely bathroom they can be proud of.

Buying Due to Price

Never let price be your sole purpose for your purchase of materials and fixtures. It is a factor, of course, but it should not rule your decisions. With bathroom remodeling the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ rings so true.

Good quality materials are going to last longer and they work better. Never cut corners trying to save a buck, it almost always backfires on you.

A Couple of Final Tips:

(1). Always Replace Shut-Off Valves
(2). Always Use a Licensed Plumber

Good Luck on Your Bathroom Remodeling Project!